Seminars for hosts

Seminars, training, coaching & workshops for the hotel & catering industry.
For real results & a lasting impact

complaint management in the hotel

Confident appearance at reception, handling critical situations with the perfect combination of empathy and steadfastness.

complaint management in the restaurant

Solution-oriented and self-confident handling of complaints in the restaurant. No old phrases but an individual, authentic approach.

teamspirit & motivation

Why should employees run faster if they don’t even know the direction? That will change after the seminar. Try it out!

Upselling in reservation & FO

Unobtrusive, friendly and very efficient way to buy higher value categories, HP, spa treatments etc. Bestseller.

Sales & upselling in service

Charming guests for an even better evening – with more aperitifs, digestifs and bottled wines.

Department heads & leadership

Not every head of department is a „born leader“. Leadership is a skill that can be learned. Here’s how.

Hotel managers talk about their experience with Rainer Lagemann and the results achieved

Complaint management [Hotel / Reception / Lodging] 

Resolve critical situations with confidence: Guest-oriented and equally steadfast for the demanding, loud guests

Seminar highlights:

  • Confident demeanor in critical situations
  • Successful methods of the FBI in negotiations
  • Change of perspective: How would I feel?
  • Questions that lead to the solution & the goal
  • Real empathy and authentic appreciation

Complaints management
[Restaurant / Service]

Only few things are more demanding than a complaint during service. Other guests are watching and all those uninvolved remain in the room

Seminar highlights:

  • Awareness of your own appearance & impact
  • Success methods of the FBI
  • Use of targeted questions & techniques
  • From problem to independent solution
  • Confident appearance for your service employees

Upselling at the hotel
for reservation / reception

Upselling training for reservation and reception staff. Unobtrusive, efficient upselling in the hotel

Seminar highlights:

  • Great guest experience from the very first moment
  • More individual & targeted approach to guests
  • Effortless, unobtrusive upselling
  • More RevPAR and profit per guest & roomnight
  • Better conversation from inquiry to booking

Sales in the hotel
[MICE / Corporate Sales]

Corporate and convention sales / event sales for a strong customer experience and substantial turnover without discounts

Seminar highlights:

  • Awareness of your own appearance & impact
  • Formulations that sell charmingly
  • Use of targeted questions & techniques
  • Positively influencing purchase & order decisions
  • More self-confidence, more sales, more tips, more motivation

Leadership for managers

Leadership requires not only strength, but also trust, security, clarity, values and above all appreciation

Seminar highlights:

  • etting and communicating goals and standards
  • Conducting criticism and conflict discussions
  • Delegating & developing employees
  • Productivity, SMART goals & time management
  • Recognizing & using the motivation and strengths of employees

Upselling in service

The best tips for upselling & additional sales in the restaurant. Unobtrusive, charming, authentic & effective.

Seminar highlights:

  • Awareness of your own appearance & impact
  • Formulations that sell charmingly
  • Use of targeted questions & techniques
  • Use of targeted questions & techniques
  • Positively influencing purchase & order decisions

Diana Schattschneider,
HR Manager

about the cooperation with Rainer Lagemann

Tobias Strauß,
Hotel Director

shares his experiences about Rainer Lagemann trainings

Christian Andresen, Managing Director

reports on the training sessions at the Mandala Hotel, Berlin

„Rainer has already provided training for several departments in our company and the employees come out of every seminar highly motivated and apply it. „

Christina Heinz

Management at ****S Hotel Heinz, Westerwald

„The training sessions with Rainer are always a success. Not only is motivation and team spirit encouraged, but sales figures are also increasing noticeably“

Nikolaus Jäger

Director of the ****S Hotel Exquisit in Oberstdorf